Sunday, February 8, 2009

What The Future Might Hold

I promised yesterday that I would share a little of what I think God might have for my future. When I said that yesterday, I was excited about it. Today, I am in a different, more wavering, wondering to believe if it will really happen. But if it is to happen, I want my friends and sisters and brothers in Christ to have been a part of it and to know all the ways God revealed what it is to be, how it is to come about, and how I am to play a part in the ministry. Let me start by telling you a bit of how the idea got started. Here we go...back in time for a moment.

Yesterday I mentioned that I used to live in Canada. I decided to go there, to live, because I'd heard that there was an alternate school program being offered through a local community (Here's a picture of me with some of the folks at the school in Canada, "Twin Valleys") college that was of interest to me. I knew only that they helped kids who had problems - domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, almost any kind of problem. I thought that it was a college program and figured if AWOL draftees could stay there, they'd surely let me live there too so I went. When I got there I found that it was a high school program for kids who had all the problems listed. A good way to explain it might be like a giant home school, where not only academics was taught but also the kids learned to be dependent and self sufficient through farming, building, cooking, and all kinds of life skills. I stayed anyway on a visa as a "student teacher". (Here's one of the dome buildings the students built!)

For a number of years as a Believer I felt strongly that one day God would use my experience in such a place as the school in Canada. I thought it might be to help run a drug rehab center or some kind of place to minister to children and families. I have never been quite sure what the focus would be; I've just pictured myself running it. Vinnie and I had even talked about how much we'd love to run a bed and breakfast some day. It was right up our alley and a good use of our personalities, gifts, talents, and passions. (Yup, even from my hippie days! See group photo below, I'm in the front row)

One day the training of GriefShare here in Wake Forest was sharing a vision she believed God gave her a few years ago for a Grief Center. She asked if we'd pray about it and I did. After a few days through, I felt like God was knocking on my head saying, "Gail, Hello! Can't you see that her dream and yours fit together?" So I picked up the phone and called her right away. I thought we should talk about what my dream was and see how she felt it was to fit together. We've been praying about it ever since and I've been lead to some pretty amazing little connections too, leading me to believe that God is in fact, piece at a time, revealing what His plan really is for this center.

I believe part of it will be like a bed and breakfast. One building will be called the Widow's Peak. There will be an area suited for kids - a camp type of setting, and there will be space for conferences and workshops. There will be also gardens and a library, a dining area, a chapel, and things to do outdoors to enjoy the beauty of God's creation. I am not sure of much else although, like I say, it seems to be coming together piece by piece. It's kind of like putting a puzzle together that doesn't have the box top on it with the picture of the finished product. We have an idea of it's shape but we pick up pieces and think, "this looks like it might be another piece to this picture, let's put it in the pile and see if/when God gives us key pieces to make all the others fit together.

It's hard to be given a dream like this - in pieces, but isn't that how God gives it? He is trusting we will wait, pray, and watch for His hands to create. He is trusting (and protecting us) from going too fast or beyond Him and His timing too. In the meantime, life goes on as usual, and we wait, being on the alert to something that might indicate another piece to the puzzle. It's an honor but it's agony too.

I am open to knowing that there are sisters and brothers in Christ who are praying too for the birth of the Grief Center. We believe it will be called, "Inn The Master's Hands". Like the name? If you feel, after praying, that God is prompting you to give me information that shapes what the center is suppose to be like, I am all ears (or eyes if you email me about it). I'd love to hear from anyone who has thoughts about it!

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