Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Giving Birth To A New Blog

First I'd like to apologize to all those who have been a follower on this blog for not writing anything fresh for several months. It's not that there haven't been fresh things to write. It's that there has been a baby of sorts, in gestation! It's been a joy to have readers who are as inspired as I've been this past 14 months as I've journaled and reflected here on all that God has been and done for me on this journey. He is leading me to new ways of sharing this, however, and I want to announce that there is soon to be the birth of something a bit more exciting than this little blog.

Since the beginning of the year I started praying that the Lord would show me how He wanted to use me in my new life as a single woman. I knew that as I healed from my grief and personal losses that I didn't want it all to be in vain. I have felt a strong nudge to pursue a call to ministry, a ministry for other widows. After all, who knows the many levels of our needs better than another widow? As the months progresses, God starting bringing other widows into my life, many of which felt the same way as I did...called to minister to other widows. My prayer began to change from, "How do you want to use me?" to "How do you want to use us?"

In my quest to discern all this, it dawned on me that there could be great value in gathering like minded widows together to pray, be in God's Word, and discern together how God might use us. As I prayed about that, God opened an opportunity to hold a retreat at a large and beautiful farm house in Virginia.

As I was preparing for the retreat and through a national announcement that was places on the Internet through the GriefShare ministry, I discovered by the overwhelming responses to the invitation, that there are actually many little widow ministries going on all over the country! I began to ask if God really wanted me to start another one. It eventually dawned on me that God wanted me to connect them! Thus, the birth of a new blog should be born, one with a website platform. It will be a site with resources and stories for widows and other women who live life without a spouse, from other women who will share from their victories! It will be a site to educate, encourage, inspire, and grow suggestions as to how our needs can be met, and we can grow in wisdom and a deeper more intimate love relationship with the Lord who saved us.

I won't be writing many more posts on this blog and I hope that many of you will become followers of the one site. It's barely up and running yet but keep it saved on your favorites and visit on occasion to see how far it's progressed. Right now it's simple and has but one story on it. I'm still learning all the new whistles and bells that accompany using a blog and a website in conjunction with each other, and am still gathering stories, poetry, and ideas for the site. The website address is: www.newdirectionministriesonline.com The logo will be a butterfly. I love the image of this creature that once lived in a little place and saw life from a small perspective but later is wrapped in a tight space, protected from the elements from a season, and then, when all the wondrous work was done inside, it blooms, comes out to take breath from air, be warmed by the sun, and fly to new heights and in new directions with a greater perspective on life. That is what life can be like for those who are single or single again. The Lord holds a special place for the women who can only rely on Him to fulfill our needs for a husband. He has special and unique ways to reveal that to us. It is my hope that this new site will inspire women (even lonely married women) to know Him in ways like never before and we can sore on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31) or like the butterfly who knows the experience of new life!


Anonymous said...

Nice story as for me. It would be great to read a bit more about this topic.
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Danyelle said...

Do you know of a source for scholarships for a pastors wife who has been widowed? It is my mom. Unexpectedly widowed 4-17-2009, she returned to school Fall '09, worked hard and was accepted into nursing school for this Fall. We are looking for financial aid for her...she has no job, but still serves at the church through bible study leading, mentoring young women, and leads the senior members choir. Would appreciate ANY guidance you may have. :D Blessings,

Gail said...

Danyelle, sorry, I don't know of any. I've explored the possibility of going back to school also but haven't found any funds for widows. I think you're best bet is government funds and support from family and the church. Your Mom also hasn't been a widow long. I highly suggest she take time to rest as well as study. Grief effects us physically as well as emotionally and I've learned that there's a need for resting in grief just like one would if one got sick. Please encourage her to to rest and find a GriefShare group too. Visit www.griefshare.org and type in a zip code for a group near her.

Thank you for visiting....Gail